“Dearest Nelia,

Words cannot describe how thankful our family is to have had your help. We sold our old house and bought a new house a few weeks before the COVID lock down. During these unprecedented times it seemed like our carefully thought out plan that my husband and I put together over the last few years would never come to fruition. In our eyes, it looked like all our hard work and our investment was spiraling downward fast. Most importantly, we were losing our spirit, our hopes and excitement of new beginnings. My husband and I stayed strong for our kids. We often listened to them talk excitedly of how their new rooms would look while our stomachs would churn knowing there is a real chance that we may not be part of the lucky few that would close during these hard times. Being our 3rd house in our 3rd city (moving out of necessity for work), this closing process was the hardest we’ve ever experienced. Your professionalism, upfront transparency and constant communication made us feel like we were the only ones being focused on when all the while you worked tediously through our case and others. You communicated any necessary updates and additional data required from us as soon as as possible and even past business hours.

Your ability to be personable and very savvy made for a great working experience with you. Words cannot describe how thankful we were to be led through the closing process; following your advice every step of the way through this rocky terrain, navigating us toward what seemed like a constantly moving target, processes and rules. When exhaustion finally got the better of us and considered cutting our losses, you were there to pick us up and get us to keep going. You were there for your financial services and you were there for emotional support.
We thank you from the bottom of hearts for making our dreams come true. We cried when we finally laid down for the first night in our new house. We couldn’t believe it, we’ve made it-and we knew it was because of you. Our eyes tear up and hearts warm when we hear our kids whispering to each other way past their bedtime while trying to muffle their giggles.

You truly went above….you are truly one of a kind. We will never forget what a blessing it was to have you and so happy we followed our friends’ referral.

The Malungkit family” – May 2020


“Thank you for all your generous advice and help. We couldn’t have done this without you 🙂

Love, Kathryn & Jared XO” – 2020



Words cannot express my overwhelming feelings of
moving into my dream home. THANK YOU to each an every one of you for helping me
make my dream come true. You guys have made this transition run as smooth as possible.

Grace & Leah”


“Nelia, I can never repay you for what you have done for me. When I thought this would never happen, you were there to keep my
stresses and nerves under control and always assured me that everything would be okay. You are truly a miracle worker.”


“I would love to have you ladies at the house over the
Christmas holiday for a few drinks.
I am so lucky to have crossed paths with three strong, successful beautiful women. Keep up the great work ladies!!!!!

Sally and Paul” – December 2013


“How do I say thank you for all of the help you have given to us throughout this adventure. I am so happy that you were there to guide me through all of this. We will recommend you to any and all.

Thank you again, Betty and Mike” – Sept 2013